LabOps Unite Community 


Privacy:We are a vendor-free organization, with the exception of carefully selected sponsors that we strongly feel are the top in the industry. Vendors support our community, but do not partake in the Listserv. We ask that any and all correspondence be kept within the membership group, as we seek to secure everyone's privacy.

No solicitation of any kindA member responding to a search for services, offering their services is considered a vendor solicitation. The individual will be removed from the listserv.

No forwarding of EmailsPlease do not forward emails or share information from the listserv beyond our community. Feel free to invite others to join the listserv directly!

Event Promotion:​ The LabOps Unite listserv should only be used to promote events that are managed and/or approved by group administrators. Please contact us with any events you would like to post or questions regarding this matter.

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