LabOps Unite Leadership Conference

1st Annual

LabOps Unite

Leadership Conference


 Wednesday, September 21​



700 Technology Square, 5th floor

Cambridge, MA 02139

Event Description: 


This 1-day event will bring together LabOps professionals to focus on improving their leadership in the lab and their organization.  


Facilitated leadership workshops to support industry and professional growth 

Connection with other members for learning and relationship-building opportunities

Educational opportunities to develop deeper LabOps best practices 

Learn about the research we are doing to set the industry standards of operational excellence



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08:30 am - Breakfast
09:00 am - Opening/Welcome 

09:10am  - Why we created LabOps Unite?  A history about our group and our mission

09:30am -  Keynote Speaker, Jay Stella -Navigating LabOps Career
10:00am -  Workshop 1: Seeking Maximum Appropriate Involvement

12:00pm - Networking Lunch and Mentor Meetup

01:30pm - Workshop 2: Designing Pathways to Action/Coaching for performance

04:00pm - LabOps Unite Research Update and Review

04:15pm - LabOps Unite 2022 and Beyond - Plans and opportunities for our group

05:00pm - Networking and Reception


Jay has worked in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry for 28 years in positions of increasing responsibility across preclinical and CMC strategy & operations, finance, business development, post-M&A integrations, and corporate strategy.  In the early stage of his career, Jay worked in a GMP manufacturing environment, as a laboratory technician, and as a procurement professional in the medical diagnostics field.  He is currently Senior Vice President at Akouos, Inc., a precision genetic medicines company, where he is responsible for Corporate Strategy and Business Development.

Jay Stella

Keynote Presentation: Growing your LabOps Career​


"He leaned back, looked me in the eye, and said, “This is not a career development plan, Jay. This is a set of goals for the next 2-3 years.” He slid the paper back across the table toward me and said, “What do you really want to do?” I realized then and there I had no idea what a career development plan really was. But I was lucky – he was a great mentor, and he coached me through it.

Since the age of twelve, I’ve been a paperboy, a waiter, a housecleaner, a lab technician, and many other things since then. Along the way, I have often asked myself, “What is the value of what I do?” or “How can I get to the next level?” or “How can I make a more valuable contribution?” Our careers will have many unexpected twists and turns. We need to be diligent, focused, and make deliberate choices when opportunities arise.

But how we deal with the random events that can alter our career paths can be just as important. We won’t always be in the right place at the right time, and we will make decisions that won’t turn out the way we had hoped. So how do we enable our career development? How do we build a suite of skills that will help us be valuable in our current roles and position us for the future?"

"We are really excited to have Jay as our keynote speaker. Given Jay’s experience in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry he brings a wealth of experience to the Lab Ops community.

His expertise as a bench scientist as well as on the operation side brings invaluable experience that is relatable and offers unique career path ideas that the lab ops community is eager to learn and understand. "

- Krisha, LabOps United Event Chair


Seek Maximum Appropriate Involvement

Seek Maximum Appropriate Involvement

Session Description:  People want to participate in decisions that affect their daily work lives. Facilitative Leaders make conscious choices about when and how people can best participate.  Seeking maximum appropriate involvement pays several dividends–better communication, more informed decisions, increased commitment to action, and higher levels of trust.

Learning Objective:


Involve people in decision making in a way that improves the quality of decisions and increases commitment to implementation.

Coach for Performance

Session Description: Facilitative Leaders coach individuals to do their best. They encourage people to think outside the norm, to experiment and take risks, to overcome habits that restrict thinking. The leader's most valuable tool is the ability to listen as an ally, to consciously support the expression of others' ideas and aspirations. By working as supportive coaches, Facilitative Leaders build environments where people learn and grow.


Learning Objectives:

• Know the key elements of an effective coaching conversation and use a strategic process for guiding a coaching conversation
• Be able to use inquiry and advocacy skills to bring out the best thinking and commitment to action in another
• Experience using a strategic process for giving performance feedback to another person

Design Pathways to Action

Design Pathways to Action

Session Description: Good planning increases the likelihood of successful implementation. Facilitative Leaders guide others in planning how to solve problems and realize opportunities. They help people see alternative paths to the desired result and suggest ways to evaluate which routes are best. By providing a map of the road ahead, leaders build confidence that the goal is attainable and increase the likelihood of successful implementation.


Learning Objective: 


Design project plans and meeting agendas that involve others appropriately and guide them toward successful implementation.

Meet our Trainer​

Michael J. Reidy Senior Consultant

Interaction Associates

Since joining Interaction Associates in 1997, Michael has concentrated on designing and delivering customized learning processes that build on competencies already identified by a client, or assisting a client to name the competencies on which they wish to focus a learning process. 

Michael is committed to the development of collaborative capability in individuals, corporations, and communities.  He sees his calling as helping companies, communities, and individuals leverage their values to increase effectiveness, enhance communication and develop alignment on vision to ensure optimum results


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Getting to MassBio​


700 Technology Square, 5th Floor

Cambridge, MA  02139


Whatever your means of transportation, it’s easy to plan your trip .


MassBio is a 9-minute walk from the Kendall Square T stop.



Technology Square Garage

595 Technology Square

Cambridge, MA


MassBio is a 4-minute walk from the Technology Square Garage.


Conference Attire

Business casual



You may already have your accommodations set but if not, here are some places you may want to check out: 


Boston Marriott Cambridge

50 Broadway

Cambridge, MA  02142

Phone: 617-494-6600


MassBio is a 4-minute walk or a 10-minute drive from the Boston Marriott Cambridge .


Residence Inn by Marriott Boston Cambridge

120 Broadway

Cambridge, MA  02142

Phone: 617-349-0700


MassBio is a 7-minute walk or a 3-minute drive from the Residence Inn .


The Kendall Hotel

350 Main St.

Cambridge, MA  02142

Phone: 617-577-1300


MassBio is an 8-minute walk or a 3-minute drive from The Kendall Hotel .



Elemental Machines

This event is FREE for LabOps Unite attendees because of the sponsorship of our programs from Elemental Machines. Learn more about their platform at  Elemental Machines is committed to improving and growing the LabOps industry.

Join EM the next day to discuss industry trends and learn about the latest in LabOps.   This event is in conjunction with the EM Biotech Connect Event on Thursday, September 22, 2022  which is also free for LabOps Unite Members get all the details here.


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